• Low maintenance Decking Creates Quality Family Time in Toronto

    You work hard all week. You even put in overtime so you can provide for all of your family’s needs. On your days off, you’d like to spend some quality time with the family you’ve been missing. Low maintenance decking with Composite & PVC decking boards makes this possible.

    How? Picture it…you and your family gather on your deck each week to spend some much-needed quality time together…

  • …In the hot tub

    Your low maintenance AZEK or Fiberon deck is the perfect place to incorporate a hot tub. Your kids will love to take a dip in this relaxing outdoor bath. Or, make it a romantic at-home getaway with your spouse. It’s the perfect date night, and you don’t need reservations!

  • …In the pool

    What family doesn’t have a blast splashing in the pool together? When you’ve finished your 40+ hour week, and the kids have finished their homework, spend the weekends relaxing in your deck-side pool. Composite decking creates the perfect surroundings to help you and your family dive into fun together.

  • …Around the table

    With today’s hectic pace of life, families in Toronto often struggle to sit down together for a meal. TREX low maintenance decking creates the perfect setting for a shared family dinner. Enjoy fresh air and gorgeous maintenance-free surroundings as you dine together al fresco.

    …Establishing traditions

    Gather your family around a fire pit to roast marshmallows each week. Stare at the stars together. Institute a weekly game night out on the deck. Your versatile space is the perfect place to establish traditions you (and your kids) will treasure for a lifetime.

  • …Hassle-free

    In an effort to create this inviting family space, many homeowners add a deck, but end up having even less time with their family than before. Why? While their intentions are good, they choose wood decking instead of building with PVC or Composite decking. As a result, they spend much of their free time on deck maintenance. Sanding, re-staining, repairing…it consumes the time they had planned to spend with their families.

    The perfect solution is low maintenance decking. More and more homeowners in GTA are recognizing the advantages of low maintenance decking and are turning to brands like Gossen, AZEK, Timbetech, Fiberon and Trex to construct their family hang-outs.

    When they do so, homeowners are rewarded with maintenance-free decking that doesn’t eat away at their quality family time. No weekends are wasted with labor-intensive deck work. Their composite decking boards remain scratch, stain and splinter-free as they enjoy year after year of gorgeous surroundings.

    This latest trend in decking can help you, too, reach your goal. With low maintenance decking, you can spend time doing what you want - making cherished family memories.