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  • Azek moulding

  • Azek Moulding Quick Facts

    AZEK Moulding is long-lasting and resilient:

    • Resists stains, scratches and fading
    • Holds up under harsh weather conditions
    • Has UV protection inside and out
    • Is moisture and insect resistant
    • Does not cup, rot or split

    AZEK Moulding offers versatility:

    • Can be used in high-moisture spaces to prevent build-up of mold and mildew
    • Can be used at the junction of a wall and ceiling
    • Can be combined with other profiles to create decorative effects around windows, doors and columns
    • Can be used as a separation and watershed alongside two different materials
    • Is suitable for ground contact applications
    • Is available in most popular moulding profiles

    AZEK Moulding is simple to use:

    • Can be installed using traditional tools and fasteners
    • Can be perfectly shaped by heat application
    • Does not require paint for protection
    • Easily accepts paint for decorative purposes

    Azek Moulding is available in the following profiles:

    AZEK Crown Moulding

    Detail & Sill Drip Profiles

    Casing Profiles

  • Azek Crown moulding

  • Detail & Sill Drip Moulding

  • Casing Profiles