• Deck Maintenance

    There’s good news for composite deck owners. Composite decking doesn’t require any maintenance. It simply needs to be cleaned. All you’ll need are water and soap. Spray the deck with soap. Gently scrub each deck board with a soft bristle brush, then rinse. Enjoy your real-wood [...]

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    Low Maintenance Deck: The Secret to Business Success in Toronto

    Does your business rely on personal relationships with clients? Does the success of your company hinge on engaging customers and establishing positive rapport? Would you like the perfect setting to achieve this mission? Business professionals across Toronto are discovering that low maintenance deck [...]

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    Low Maintenance Decking

    You work hard all week. You even put in overtime so you can provide for all of your family’s needs. On your days off, you’d like to spend some quality time with the family you’ve been missing. Low maintenance decking with Composite & PVC decking boards makes this possible. How?[...]

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