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  • Composite Deck Designing

    TREX Island Mist Composite Decking DeckCrew's Top 7 Tips for Composite Deck Designing Designing a composite deck requires strategic planning. You must research materials, decide on the details and create a plan for project completion. A key factor of this project is the outdoor environment the [...]

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    Composite Decking Sizes

    No two decking projects are identical. Each build, repair or installation requires materials specific to that job. To get the best products for your project, it’s important to know what composite decking sizes are available and where you can find them. Use the following FAQ to learn about [...]

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    Looking for a Composite Decking Sale

    Looking for a Composite Decking Sale? If you’re looking for a composite decking sale, check out the discount rates available at DeckMart Building Supplies. You’ll find incredible brands at incredible prices. DeckMart offers a complete line of industry-leading products from a variety of [...]

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    Composite Decking Brands

    When you’re ready to invest in decking materials, you want the best return possible. This requires the use of top-quality materials. Where can you find these products? Turn to the industry’s leading composite decking brands.  The following manufacturers offer superior product lines [...]

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    Joist Protection Tape

    Joist Protection Tape is a waterproofing protection for deck joists. You’re building a deck. You choose the best decking material with a 25 to 30-year warranty to enjoy your new deck for decades to come. But, if the structure below the decking boards is not properly protected, your [...]

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    Composite Cladding

    Composite cladding has a goal to cover a structure’s exterior with a protective layer. It should create an attractive appearance and weather well for both residential and commercial applications. With these goals in mind, this material is the ideal cladding solution. Here’s why. [...]

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    Trex RainEscape Deck Drainage System

    Are you investing in a composite deck for your home? Why not maximize your investment by adding a waterproof living space under the deck with the use of Trex RainEscape®? The Trex RainEscape® drainage system maximizes the function, form and entertainment potential of the patio beneath your [...]

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  • Green Decking

    Eco Friendly products: check out our options when it comes to environmentally responsible Decking choices