• Composite Cladding

  • The goal of cladding is to cover a structure’s exterior with a protective layer. It should create an attractive appearance and weather well. With these goals in mind, composite cladding is the ideal cladding solution. Here’s why.

    • It deflects moisture – This is the ideal material to help keep a structure drained and dry. Wood, brick and stucco absorb water. Composite cladding deflects it. This deflecting quality helps prevent moisture build-up, which can cause structural damage and decay.
    • It resists staining and fading – Composite cladding never needs painting, refinishing or staining. If you want a long-lasting exterior solution that will look great years from now, low-maintenance composite cladding is the way to go. This material resists fading and doesn’t peel, splinter or crack, so it maintains its sharp finish much longer than other cladding options.
    • It offers aesthetic appeal – In addition to weather protection, it also provides an attractive finish. It is available in a variety of colors and finishes to meet the needs of every project. Traditional finishes with wood grain patterns create a striking exterior that boosts curb appeal.
    • It’s easy to install – Composite cladding is available in prefinished, easy-to-cut boards. Installation doesn’t require specialized tools or protective equipment. It can even be installed using ladders instead of scaffolding. This simple installation offers savings in time and labor.
    • It’s versatile – Composite cladding is appropriate for both residential and commercial settings. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. With a variety of finishes and installation options, this material is one of the most versatile options for cladding.
    • It’s eco-friendly – Composite cladding is made of up to 94% recycled content. Due to its longevity and low maintenance, it also produces less waste than other cladding solutions.
  • Builder’s Tip: When creating a rainscreen system with composite cladding, an air space as narrow as 3/8” can allow effective water drainage and drying.
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