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  • Composite Deck Screws

  • Deck construction involves four main types of Composite Deck screws. Each is used for a different section or type of decking:

    • Inside Decking
    • Borders & Picture-Frame Decking
    • Stairs
    • Fascia Boards & Risers
  • The following guide to composite deck screws is not intended to cover the full range of possibilities for fastening systems. However, it offers a thorough overview that will help you complete any fastening tasks for your composite decking.

    Composite Deck Screws Supplied by DeckMart

    • Hidden Fasteners / Clips: These fasteners are designed for use on grooved boards for inside decking. [read more="Read More" less="Read Less"] 

      Almost all composite decking brands on the market today manufacture both square-edge and grooved boards. Grooved boards are designed to be used for inside decking. Each brand also manufactures hidden fasteners, or clips, to screw down grooved boards.

      Builder’s Tip: Although some screw manufacturers offer universal clips to use with various brands, DeckMart recommends using clips specific to the brand of decking.

      AZEK and TimberTech use CONCEALoc® and FUSIONLoc® stainless steal Hidden Fasteners. For FUSIONLoc® hidden fasteners, a special fastening tool is also required.
      TREX uses TREX Hideaway Grooved Connector Clips; Plastic or Stainless Steel.
      Fiberon uses stainless steel Fiberon Phantom Fasteners.

      Fiberon and TREX also offer “end clips” and “start clips” – Fiberon End Clips and Trex Hideaway Start Clips. These clips are designed for securing decking end boards and edge boards. Although face-screwing can be used for these tasks, it is helpful to know these options are available.

    • Composite Deck Screws with Plugs: - These are universal fasteners that are designed to face-fasten square-edged composite deck boards. Square-edged composite deck boards are generally used for deck picture framing and stairs. Depending on project specifications, contractors may use composite deck screws with plugs for fastening inside decking as well as fascia boards and risers. [read more="Read More" less="Read Less"] 

      - Composite deck screws with plugs are made of a combination of screws and plugs. The plugs are made of the same material as composite decking boards.
      - This type of composite deck screw comes with a kit that includes a specialized tool. This tool has a unique stopper which halts your drill when it reaches the exact depth of the plug. This allows you to hammer the plug into the drilled hole without any gaps.
      - Once installed, composite deck screws with plugs are nearly invisible on the surface of the decking board. No predrilling is required.

      Builder’s Tip: When hammering the plug, make sure the grain direction of the plug matches the grain direction of the composite decking board.

      - Cortex and Starborn are the most well-known brands on the market that offer this type of composite deck screw. Both brands use the same technology and designs for their products.


    • Color-match screws:- These are universal fasteners for composite deck boards. These fasteners are designed for composite deck picture framing, fascia boards and risers. You may also use this type of screw for inside decking boards. [read more="Read More" less="Read Less"] 
      DeckMart offers a tool that makes fastening these screws simple and quick. It also eliminates the risk of over-screwing the fastener. This makes creating a flush surface between the screws and deck boards easy.Builder’s Tip: DeckMart recommends using screws with plugs whenever possible. As described above, they are almost invisible, offering a smooth finish when installed correctly.  [/read] 
    • Color-match screws for fascia boards and risers:- These are color-match screws designed for fascia boards and risers. [read more="Read More" less="Read Less"] 
      Like the color-match screws above, color-match screws for fascia boards and risers have a special tool that creates a flush surface between the screw-head and decking boards. The only difference is that these screws feature a slightly larger head diameter. This widens the area of pressure during application to protect the thinner fascia and riser boards.[/read]
  • Why Do Composite Deck Screws Have Reverse Threads?

    You may notice that the threads on a composite deck screw reverse direction near the screw head. This is to eliminate predrilling. When you secure standard screws without predrilling, it causes mushrooming. 
    The reverse thread makes it possible to install the screw without predrilling and eliminates mushrooming.

  • Where Can I Buy Composite Deck Screws?

    DeckMart stocks screws with plugs for all collections from AZEK, Fiberon, TimerTech and TREX.
    We maintain a large inventory of color-match screws to provide fasteners for a wide range of decking boards. Not all collections offer brand-specific screws with plugs, so we stock a large selection to meet all your decking needs.
    DeckMart also stocks hidden fasteners and clips of all varieties for Azek, Timertech, Fiberon and TREX. Our selection includes plastic fasteners, stainless-steel hidden fasteners, and stainless-steel start and end clips.
    At DeckMart, we work hard to make your job easier. We are your one-stop shop to find all your composite and PVC deck building supplies in stock.

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