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  • Ipe Decking

  • What is hardwood decking?

    To create their dream deck, homeowners have a broad range of material choices. Harwood decking, also known as exotic wood decking, is a popular high-end selection. Ipe (EE-pay) is one type of hardwood available for deck projects.

    This material is a rich-grained wood that offers a very hard, durable surface that is naturally resistant to insects and rot. Three times harder than cedar, this wood typically does not splinter, split or warp as other materials often do. This extremely resilient option adds beauty and value to any decking design.

    How should you care for hardwood decking?

    Although durable, ipe decking does require regular maintenance to preserve its natural beauty. Exotic woods are very dense, and therefore do not accept stains well. However, oil-based penetrating stains designed for hardwood decking can be used. If you choose this route, apply a UV-blocking clear wood preservative every three to four years. Otherwise, rub the wood with oil for a rich, deep finish, rather than stain it. Then, once per year, wash your deck, scrub it down, and apply a fresh coat of oil. This process will maintain the natural look of your hardwood deck.

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