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  • Joist Protection Tape

  • Joist Protection Tape is a waterproofing protection for deck joists.

    You’re building a deck. You choose the best decking material with a 25 to 30-year warranty to enjoy your new deck for decades to come. But, if the structure below the decking boards is not properly protected, your deck’s life will be cut short. Why? Moisture damage. Moisture is the #1 long-term enemy of wood. The pressure-treated structure will fail over time if it suffers from moisture damage. To ensure your support structure lasts as long as the deck itself, use waterproof protection tape. Joist protection tape is well worth the additional investment, as it doubles the structural life of the deck.

  • How joist protection tape works

    Waterproof protection tape, seals the top of the joist boards, forming a ‘U’ shape cap on the joists. 
    Without this tape in place, constant moisture under the deck structure will cause rot within 10 years of construction. Even leaves and debris that fall between the gaps of the deck boards can act as a source of damage-causing moisture. 
    With Joist Protection Tape in place before screws are installed, the screws pull the tape into the holes as they are inserted, offering a self-sealing feature that eliminates the possibility of additional moisture exposure.

  • Refacing

    Often, homeowners want to reface their deck, but the structure underneath is still in good condition. In these cases, it doesn’t make sense to redo the entire structure. What does make sense is to protect the current structure with Joist Protection Tape.

    Existing screw and nail holes on the joists are a source of moisture exposure. Since these cannot be reused when installing new decking boards, they should be sealed with Joist Protection Tape before the new materials are installed.

  • DeckMart stocks waterproofing Joist tapes made by industry-leading manufacturers Resisto (Joist Guard), Trex (Trex Protect Joist & Beam Tape) and DeckWise (WiseWrap® JOISTTAPE™).

    These tapes are available in various wideness and lengths and offer the following deck-saving features:

    • Substantially extends the service life of the deck at low cost
    • Offers excellent flexibility
    • Provides self-sealing membrane around fasteners
    • Features pattern-free, black membrane that makes it unnoticeable through the decking
    • Offers easy installation at any temperature
    • Compatible with most decking materials, such as treated wood and composite materials