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  • Azek Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut


    Customers across Canada have come to expect excellence from AZEK decking products. A newly-available color, AZEK Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut doesn’t disappoint. These decking boards by AZEK display all the exotic hardwood appearance of Brazilian Walnut.

    Just as good, they’re manufactured from AZEK’s signature capped PVC material. Capped PVC from AZEK utilizes Alloy Armour Technology™, a weather-protection feature that makes it resistant to stains and scratches. With Alloy Armour Technology™, your AZEK Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut boards will also repel mold, mildew, and moisture. Maintenance is minimal—no need for annual staining or sealing.

    Product Dimensions

    • Actual Dimensions – 1″ x 5.5″ (24 mm x 140 mm)
    • Length – 12′, 16′, and 20′ (366 sm, 488 sm, and 610 sm)
    • Shape of boards –AZEK Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut boardscome in grooved and square-edged varieties.


    AZEK Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut boards look fantastic and stand up to harsh weather. Plus, they’re easy to install. AZEK’s grooved boards perform best when installed with CONCEALoc® hidden fastener systems. CONCEALoc® fastenersThey provide a smooth, fastener-free surface. FUSIONLoc® hidden fasteners also work well with AZEK boards. FUSIONLoc® fastening system They’re easy to install, too.

    You can also install AZEK Arbor Collection boards with other fastener styles—which is a requirement when working with square-edged boards. TOPLoc™ Face Fastening Systems work when installing square-edge boards for the main deck or for picture framing, stairs, and skirting. TOPLoc™ Fastening systemCortex fasteners are another option. Made from the same material as the deck’s boards, these fasteners ensure a flawless surface. Fasteners with plugs

    Note that the deck’s underneath joist must be 16” on-center. If you plan to install the decking boards diagonally, the underneath joists’ structure must be 12” on-center. In the latter case, the customer will end up spending around 35 percent more on fasteners than you would with joists 16” on-center.

    Color combination

    AZEK Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut is ideal for building a main deck, plus most AZEK customers who choose Brazilian Walnut decide against picture framing. If you want to add a picture frame to your AZEK Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut main deck, AZEK Harvest Collection Autumn Chestnut and AZEK Harvest Collection Brownstone form ideal color combinations.

    Many homeowners have found that Brazilian Walnut makes for a fantastic picture frame, too. Main deck accompaniments include AZEK Harvest Collection Autumn Chestnut, AZEK Harvest Collection Brownstone, AZEK Vintage Collection Mahogany, AZEK Arbor Collection Hazelwood, and AZEK Arbor Collection Silver Oak. With AZEK Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut decking boards, you really can’t go wrong.


    AZEK decking boards come standard with a fascia board (½” x 11¾” x 12’) included. With AZEK Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut, the fascia works great as either an edge fascia or a riser for the deck steps.