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  • Azek Arbor Collection New Acacia


    AZEK Arbor Collection New Acacia decking boards can add an attractive aesthetic to any home. AZEK uses state-of-the-art polymer technologies—including capped PVC and Alloy Armour Technology™.

    The capped PVC boards from AZEK mean your deck will have the rich, fully-grained appearance of Acacia. Plus, Alloy Armour Technology™ ensures that all AZEK Arbor Collection New Acacia decking boards are engineered to last—even in the harsh Canadian weather. Your AZEK deck is less likely to scratch, fade, stain, or fall victim to moisture, mildew, or mold. Maintenance is minimal, with no annual sealing or staining required.

    Product Dimensions

    • Actual Dimensions – 1″ x 5.5″ (24 mm x 140 mm)
    • Length – 12′, 16′, and 20′ (366 sm, 488 sm, and 610 sm)
    • Shape of boards – grooved or square-edged


    AZEKdecking boards come in grooved and square-edged varieties, and the fasteners differ accordingly:

    Your options aren’t limited to the above. Other fastener systems can also work with AZEK decking boards, but be sure to confirm compatibility with AZEK and your fastener manufacturer beforehand.

    Color combination

    AZEK Arbor Collection New Acacia is strong enough in appearance to stand on its own. Most homeowners in Canada prefer New Acacia as a main deck without picture framing. However, if you want to install a picture frame to go with your AZEK Arbor Collection New Acacia main deck, there is one excellent option: AZEK Harvest Collection Autumn Chestnut.

    AZEK Arbor Collection New Acacia can also form beautiful color combinations when used as a picture frame. Main deck pairings include: AZEK Harvest Collection Autumn Chestnut, AZEK Arbor Collection New Morado, AZEK Arbor Collection Silver Oak, AZEK Harvest Collection Brownstone, and AZEK Arbor Collection Hazelwood.


    AZEK Arbor Collection New Acacia decking boards come with a fascia board (½” x 11¾” x 12’) included. The fascia board works perfectly as either an edge fascia or a riser for deck steps.