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  • Azek Harvest Collection Autumn Chestnut


    When a homeowner decides to build a new deck in Ontario, they know where to look first: The Harvest Collection from AZEK. AZEK Harvest Collection Autumn Chestnut is a new addition to the collection and one of its most popular. It combines the integrity and rich appearance of Chestnut with enough durability to resist mold, mildew, moisture, and harsh Ontario weather.

    AZEK’s decking boards are made from a capped PVC decking material protected by Alloy Armour Technology™. Designed by leading polymer engineers, Alloy Armour Technology™ means your deck will maintain its pristine Chestnut appearance, free from scratches and stains. It also requires minimal maintenance on your part—no annual re-staining or sealing!

    Product Dimensions

    • Actual Dimensions – 1″ x 5.5″ (24 mm x 140 mm)
    • Length – 12′, 16′, and 20′ (366 sm, 488 sm, and 610 sm)
    • Shape of boards – both grooved and square-edged varieties are available


    When building your deck from AZEK Harvest Collection Autumn Chestnut decking boards, you’ll get the choice of either grooved or square-edged decking boards. The fasteners you need will depend on the variety you choose:

    • AZEK CONCEALoc and AZEK FUSIONLoc hidden fasteners are manufactured by AZEK to work well with grooved decking boards.
    • Square-edged boards also require hidden fasteners during the installation process. Some of the best decking contractors in Ontario prefer to use Cortex®, HIDfast™, and CAMO™ hidden fastener systems when installing AZEK products.

    You can always look elsewhere for hidden fasteners. But before deciding on a fastener system not mentioned above, check with AZEK and the fastener manufacturer. AZEK Harvest Collection Autumn Chestnut decking boards need compatible fasteners.

    Color combination

    Many homes get all the exterior aesthetic they need from Autumn Chestnut, using it as a main deck without picture framing. However, some homes can benefit by adding a picture frame to an AZEK Harvest Collection Autumn Chestnutmain deck.

    There are several ideal color combinations to choose from. AZEK Vintage Collection Dark Hickory, AZEK Vintage Collection Mahogany, AZEK Arbor Collection New Acacia, AZEK Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut, AZEK Arbor Collection Redwood, AZEK Arbor Collection New Kona, and AZEK Arbor Collection Island Oak are all great options.

    If you want to use Autumn Chestnut to build a picture frame, that works too. Recommended color combinations include: AZEK Harvest Collection Slate Gray, AZEK Harvest Collection Brownstone, AZEK Vintage Collection Dark Hickory, AZEK Arbor Collection Brazilian Walnut, and AZEK Arbor Collection New Acacia.


    Like other industry-leading products from AZEK, AZEK Harvest Collection Autumn Chestnut comes with a board (½” x 11¾” x 12′) you can use as a fascia for the deck’s edges or a riser for the deck’s steps.