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  • TimberTech Tropical Collection Caribbean Redwood


    TimberTech Tropical Collection decking boards are the best of both worlds. TimberTech Tropical Collection Caribbean Redwood has a rich red color that highlights the beauty of any home. Plus, that real tropical hardwood look is combined with unmatched durability.

    The wood-grained decking boards are capped with a high-tech polymer shell. The protective layer will ensure the deck looks good as new—even after decades. TimberTech Tropical Collection Caribbean Redwood boards are engineered for maximum resistance to stains, scratches, fading, mold, mildew, and moisture.

    Customers in Ontario can be confident: All TimberTech products are backed by a 25-year scratch and stain warranty.

    Product Dimensions

    • Actual Dimensions –  0.94″ x 5.36″ (23.88 mm x 136.14 mm)
    • Length – 12′, 16′, and 20′ (366 sm, 488 sm, and 610 sm)
    • Shape of boards – available in both grooved and square-edged varieties (16′ and 20′ only)


    TimberTech Tropical Collection Caribbean Redwood boards provide maximum convenience. Regular maintenance isn’t required, and the boards are easy to install. Most contractors use CONCEALoc® hidden fasteners when installing TimberTech boards. However, FUSIONLoc® hidden fastener systems also guarantee a smooth, fastener-free surface. Plus, they’re easy to install.

    However, hidden fasteners don’t work when using square-edged boards for main decking, picture framing, stairs, or skirting. For square-edged boards, the best option is TOPLoc™ Face Fastening System. Cortex is good too—it’s made from the same decking material as the boards. The fastener-free surface will look and feel great.

    Remember that the deck’s underneath joist must be 16” on-center. If you plan to install the decking boards diagonally, the underneath joists’ structure must be 12” on-center. In that case, you’ll end up spending around 35 percent more on fasteners than you would with joists 16” on-center.

    Color combination

    The consensus of contractors and designers is that TimberTech Tropical Collection Caribbean Redwood should be featured as a main deck without picture framing. However, some designers prefer picture framing. The picture frame should be darker than the main deck—the darker color creates an eye-catching visual contrast. Consider adding TimberTech Legacy Collection Mocha to the main deck.  


    TimberTech Tropical Collection Caribbean Redwood comes with included raisers and fascia boards (0.56” x 7¼” x 12’ & 0.56” x 11.75” x 12’, respectively). The raisers and fascia boards are the same color as the main deck.