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  • TREX Transcend Island Mist


    TREX Transcend Island Mist is everything you want in a top-notch decking board. These boards feature the smooth tones of tropical hardwood. Plus, the cutting-edge protective shell ensures they maintain the same gorgeous appearance—even decades later!

    Transcend by TREX is the company’s highest-regarded decking collection, and Island Mist is one of its leading colors. These silvery gray boards are deeply-grained to mimic the look of authentic driftwood.

    Made from 95 percent recycled materials, TREX Transcend Island Mist is engineered to last decades without fading, stains, scratches, or mold. You’ll spend the weekend enjoying your deck, not maintaining it.

    Product Dimensions

    • Actual Dimensions – 1″ x 5.5″ (24 mm x 140 mm)
    • Length – 12′, 16′, and 20′ (366 sm, 487 sm, and 609 sm)
    • Shape of boards – grooved and square-edged varieties available


    Part of TREX’s popularity in Canada owes to its emphasis on easy installation. That’s the case with TREX Transcend Island Mist, whether you choose grooved or square-edged decking boards. Depending on the boards you choose, fasteners will vary:

    Note that the deck’s underneath joist must be 16″ on-center. If you plan to install the decking boards diagonally, the underneath joists’ structure must be 12” on-center. In the latter case, you’ll end up spending around 35 percent more on fasteners than you would with joists 16″ on-center.

    Color combination

    Like other options from TREX, the smooth look of TREX Transcend Island Mist will bring out the best in your home’s exterior. Island Mist looks fantastic as a main deck without picture framing. If you do decide to add a picture frame, TREX offers some good color combinations. TREX Transcend Clam Shell, TREX Transcend Gravel Path, TREX Transcend Havana Gold, and TREX Transcend Tiki Torch are preferred combinations for homeowners in Ontario.

    And of course, you can use TREX Transcend Island Mist decking boards to build a picture frame for your main deck. The best combinations are TREX Transcend Gravel Path, TREX Transcend Havana Gold, and TREX Transcend Tiki Torch. In any case, the soft appearance of Island Mist works well with a bolder-toned main deck.


    TREX Transcend Island Mist decking boards come with a fascia board (14mm x 184mm x 365cm and 14mm x 288mm x 365cm). The board is designed for use either as a fascia for the deck edges or a riser for the deck steps.