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  • AZEK Trim & AZEK Moulding

    • AZEK Trim is a versatile product made of cellular PVC. It is manufactured in white, to readily accept all paints and stains.AZEK Trim is available in 12’, 18’ and 20’ lengths.
    • The material is easily shaped and moulded, offering simple installation with standard hand-working tools. It can even be heat-formed for curved applications.

    Please visit the link below for more details, designs and sizing information. 

    AZEK Trim

    • AZEK Moulding is a top-quality wood moulding replacement. When you enhance your home with AZEK moulding, you achieve beauty and elegance that will stand the test of time.
    • AZEK Moulding is available in 16’ lengths. Its style selections include the most popular moulding profiles.

    Please visit the link below for more details, designs and sizing information.

    AZEK Moulding

  • If you chose to paint AZEK trim & AZEK moulding

    AZEK trim and moulding do not require paint for protection however both accept and hold paint very well. If you chose to paint AZEK trim and AZEK moulding custom color, make sure you use 100% acrylic latex paint with the light reflective value over 55. If you chose to paint dark color which reflective value is under 55 make sure you use special heat reflective paint. For both instances check with your paint manufacturer.

    If you are going to paint make sure you clean board properly from grease, dirt and fingerprints. Easiest  way to clean with water and soap or denatured alcohol. Moisture is the most reason of failure of paint on a wood. AZEK trim and AZEK moulding does not absorb moisture so the paint will hold a lot longer. Because it does not absorb any moisture when painting AZEK the paint may be take a little bit longer to cure anywhere from 2 days to 2 to 3 weeks. All depending on moisture or humidity.

    Two advantages to print  AZEK trim and AZEK moulding are nice brushstroke that gives look of painted piece of wood, also it is the best way to cover nail heads and seams.